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Arabic Text Summerization Model Using Clustering Techniques

Author(s): Ahmad Haboush | Ahmad Momani | Maryam Al-Zoubi | Motassem Tarazi

Journal: World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal
ISSN 2221-0741

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 62;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Text Summarization | Clustering | Natural Language Processing Evaluation.

the current work investigates a developed automatic Arabic text summarization model. In this model, a technique of word root clustering is used as the major activity. Unlike the previously presented systems of Arabic text summarization in the extract based design field, the current model adopts cluster weight of word roots instead of the word weight itself. The model is thoroughly illustrated through its different stages. Obviously, the general scheme follows traditional descriptive model of most of the system stages in literature with the exception of the ranking stage. This model with its developed technique has been subjected to a set of experiments. Various Arabic text examples are used for evaluation purposes. The efficiency of the summarization is calculated in terms of Precision and Recall measures. Result obtained actually is considered promising and competitive to the verb/noun categorization ranking method. This enhancement has been detected for Precision 76% and Recall 79% with the analogous values of 62% and 70% obtained in the verb/noun categorization method. The enhancement emerges in this tangible result is attributed to the implicit embedding of semantic capability of the developed model to expand the extract boundaries towards the abstract extremes of the design theme.
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