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Arabs and the Da Vinci Code: Vision and Opinions

Author(s): Ahmad H. AL Nuaimi | Hanna Y. Abu-Jaber

Journal: English Language and Literature Studies
ISSN 1925-4768

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2013;
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This study investigates, on one hand, the Arab readers’ as well as the Arab elite’s responses towards the American Dan Brown's Novel "The Da Vinci Code". This is performed through surveying the opinions of some Arab authors and religious Muslim and Christian clergy of the content of this novel, and its ban in some Arab countries. On the other hand, this study presents a perspective into the technical aspects used by Brown in composing his novel, especially those related to the novel genre, the significance of the place, and novel time movement. This study is based on the translated version from English into Arabic by Sema Abd Rabu (2004), and presents also a view on the translation itself.
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