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Arianna, Medea e le altre. Astuzia al femmminile e arte greca

Author(s): Giuman, Marco | Pala, Elisabetta

Journal: ArcheoArte. Rivista Elettronica di Archeologia e Arte
ISSN 2039-4543

Volume: 1;
Start page: 19;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Greece | Woman | Metis | Pottery | Ariadne

In the Greek mythical world the functional definition of a protagonist seems strictly connected with his ethical and culturalperception in the society. That is the case of Ariadne, Medea or Circe, whose actions are always linked to the feminine concept of oikos.In the first part of this work Marco Giuman analyses the ways through which the feminine idea of mētis is iconographically adapted byGreek artists to the mythical heroines. The second part of the paper, by Elisabetta Pala, deepens on Ariadne’s character, more preciselyon her own metis-tools: the crown and the thread. Comparing literary sources and iconography from VII to V century B.C. the authortries to establish which object comes earlier, as well as their respective functions and symbolic values.
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