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森林生态系统服务价值评估——理论、方法与研究进展 Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Service——Theory, Method and Progress

Author(s): 高广磊 | 丁国栋 | 任丽娜 | 臧荫桐 | 张佳音 | 梁文俊 | 贺宇

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 29;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 森林生态系统;生态系统服务功能;价值评估 | 森林生态系统;生态系统服务功能;价值评估

生态系统服务是人类认识森林生态系统的一条新途径,是林业可持续发展理论的重要组成部分。通过对生态系统服务概念、价值来源和特征的研究分析,得出结论:生态系统服务价值来源于人类维护生态系统服务各项功能正常运转投入的大量劳动,生态系统服务功能具有社会-自然复合性、继发性、多维性、动态性和公益性特征。文章还总结介绍了森林生态系统服务的主要内容和价值评估的主要方法,并综合森林生态系统服务价值评估国内外研究进展,分析指出标准化指标体系、市场化机制和负效应评估研究是目前森林生态系统服务价值评估研究的薄弱环节和未来发展的重点领域。Ecosystem service is a new approach for human beings to understand forest ecosystems, and an important part of forestry sustainable development. By analysis of ecosystem service concept, value source and characteristics, the study indicates that: ecosystem services value is from of large amount of human’s labor to maintain the normal functions of ecosystem; ecosystem services are characterized by society and nature compound, secondary, multidimension, dynamic and commonweal. The main contents and value assessment methods of forest ecosystem services are introduced as well. Based on forest ecosystem service value assess-ment study progress at home and abroad, weak link and development trend of forest ecosystem services value assessment are predicted as follow: standardized indicator system, market mechanism and negative effect as-sessment.

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