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Assessment of minimal erythema (MED) dose to broadband UVB in Polish population --- Określenie minimalnej dawki rumieniowej (MED) dla szerokiego pasma UVB w populacji polskiej

Author(s): Aleksandra Lesiak | Anna Zalewska | Janusz Śmigielski | Anna Sysa-Jędrzejowska | Joanna Narbutt

Journal: Clinical Dermatology
ISSN 1507-5516

Volume: 9;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 11;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Objective: Assessment of individual photosensitivity is based on evaluation of skin phototype and determination of minimal erythema dose (MED).The aim of study was to determine MED to broad band UVB radiation in healthy volunteers with II or III skin phototype, living in Central Poland to provide referential values. We also aimed to find anycorrelation between MED values and phototesting site.Material and methods: The study group consisted of 295 healthy volunteers aged 18-55 (mean age 24 years old) with either II or III skin phototype. Phototesting (UVB radiation) of each volunteerwas undertaken with an incremental dose series on six squares (1x1 cm) on the inner surface of the forearm (group 1) or on the back skin (group 2). The MED was defined as a perceptible erythema 24 hours later.Results: Mean MED in 295 volunteers was 0.158 J/cm2. Statistical significant difference (p0.05).Conclusions: MED values in Polish population increased over last decades when compared to previous data. Women both with skin type II or III are less sensitive to UV radiation. MED for broadband UVB correlates positively with skin phototype.
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