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Assessment of Reliability for Distribution Feeders on the Basis of Cost Analysis

Author(s): K. Alekhya | P.S.R. Murthy | C. Bhargava

Journal: Bonfring International Journal of Power Systems and Integrated Circuits
ISSN 2277-5072

Volume: 1;
Issue: Inaugural Special Issue;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Reliability Evaluation | Distribution Automation | Partial Automation or Two Stage Restoration | Optimum Placement of Switches | Feeder Automation | Reliability Evaluation

In this fast growing world, automating a distributing system is an effective means of providing a reliable system. There is an increasing interest in the quantitative assessment of power system reliability worth and its application to cost-benefit evaluation in power system planning. Hence this paper deals with automating a system using two stage restorations (partial automation). It introduces a feeder automation system using the concept of optimal placement of switches that can be applied to electrical distribution systems for high economic-technical efficiency. Reliability is analyzed and evaluated when feeder automation is applied to distribution and its worth is assessed. This paper, further, looks into a case study involving reliability and economic evaluation of Urban, Rural and Industrial Feeders and draws a most probable conclusion.
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