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Association of ABO groups in malaria infection of variable severity

Author(s): Snehalata C. Gupte, Ankur G. Patel & Tanvi G. Patel

Journal: Journal of Vector Borne Diseases
ISSN 0972-9062

Volume: 49;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 78;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: ABO groups | cerebral malaria | DIC in malaria | malaria | P. falciparum | P. vivax | severe anemia

Background & objectives: Literature reports several studies on ABO groups and malaria but a study with anadequate sample size and controls is not available. ABO groups are genetically controlled, hence, large samplesize and comparison with population frequency is essential. To determine whether malaria infection with variableseverity has correlation with ABO groups.Study design & Methods: Blood samples of non-transfused malaria cases were obtained from pathology laboratoriesand transfused malaria patients’ from Blood Bank. The malaria parasites were identified by examination ofthick and thin smears. Control (normal population) included 11,303 students.Results: The ABO group frequency of normal population was ‘O’ 32.3%, ‘A’ 22.2%, ‘B’ 36.7% and ‘AB’ 8.8%.The overall ABO group distribution in 8028 malaria cases was ‘O’ 30%, ‘A’ 24.6%, ‘B’ 35.5% and ‘AB’ 8.9%.‘A’ group incidence was significantly higher than normal (‘A’ vs non-‘A’ 2 = 15, df=1, p
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