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Association between light absorption measurements of PM2.5 and distance from heavy traffic roads in the Mexico City metropolitan area Asociación entre las mediciones de PM2.5 por absorbancia y la distancia a vías de alto tráfico en la zona metropolitana de la Ciudad de México

Author(s): Marlene Cortez-Lugo | Consuelo Escamilla-Núñez | Albino Barraza-Villarreal | José Luis Texcalac-Sangrador | Judith Chow | John Watson | Leticia Hernández-Cadena | Isabelle Romieu

Journal: Salud Pública de Mexico
ISSN 0036-3634

Volume: 55;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 155;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: carbono | emisiones vehiculares | avenidas | diesel | México | Carbon | vehicle emissions | roads | diesel exhaust | Mexico

OBJECTIVE: To study the relationship between light absorption measurements of PM2.5 at various distances from heavy traffic roads and diesel vehicle counts in Mexico City. MATERIALS AND METHODS: PM2.5 samples were obtained from June 2003-June 2005 in three MCMA regions. Light absorption (b abs) in a subset of PM2.5 samples was determined. We evaluated the effect of distance and diesel vehicle counts to heavy traffic roads on PM2.5 b abs using generalized estimating equation models. RESULTS: Median PM2.5 b abs measurements significantly decrease as distance from heavy traffic roads increases (p

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