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Assumtion of Post-structuralism in Contemporary Epistemology

Author(s): Antonio SANDU

Journal: Postmodern Openings
ISSN 2068-0236

Volume: 7;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: post-structuralism | epistemology | postmodernism

By deconstruction of any reality, postmodernism suppresses itself the action space of values. In this way, postmodernism involves the entire scope of human beings: culture, theology, philosophy, art, politics, science and technology. The removing of transcendent in postmodernity gives rise to a new humanism “beyond the person” is void, nothingness. The existentialist humanism still kept the “the human being” as a metaphoric referential, which contrasts with the “nothingness”. Postmodern humanism remains focused – on one hand – on the issue of freedom, taken from Sartre, but breaks it apart from any other form of transcendence, from any possibility of ontological focus. On the other hand, the postmodern humanism is centered on the distinction. Reality is multiple; there is not only one world, but a multitude of worlds, going to be so many worlds, as many thoughtful consciousnesses. In terms of epistemic the paradigm mutation of postmodernism has as referential the theory of relativity. As Albert Einstein excludes absolute referential in physics, postmodernity followers exclude him from culture.Methodology of postmodernism and post-structuralism starts from the idea of deconstruction. Reality is a flash, a cut of a set inter-looked to object-event system, which constitutes the way of appearing for the observer. Methodological debate in poststructuralism is centered on understanding rather than explaining reality. Semiotics and hermeneutic approach is more relevant in terms of methodology for poststructuralism as we operate with subjective realities, constructed through a process of creating meaning. There is no single reality capable of measuring, but a multitude of realities which could be understood and contained in a communication process.

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