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Atmospheric aerosols and their influence on air quality in urban areas

Author(s): Tasić Mirjana | Rajšić Slavica | Novaković Velibor | Mijić Zoran

Journal: Facta Universitatis - series : Physics, Chemistry and Technology
ISSN 0354-4656

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 83;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: Atmospheric particulate matter | urban air quality | PM10 | PM2.5 | mass concentration

The quality and pollution of air and its impact on the environment and particularly on human health, is an issue of significant public and governmental concern. The emission of the main air pollutants (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides) has declined significantly but the trends in concentrations of a particulate matter are less clear and this pollutant still pose a risk to human health. The studies on the quality of air in urban atmosphere related to suspended particles PM10 and PM2.5, and first measurements of their mass concentrations have been initiated in our country in 2002, and are still in progress. The results of preliminary investigations revealed the need for the continuous and long-term systematical sampling measurements and analysis of interaction of the specific pollutants – PM10 and PM2.5 as well as ozone, heavy metals in the ground level. Survey of some basic knowledge and features of atmospheric particles will be given and the results of air quality assessment in Belgrade will be presented as well.
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