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Atmospheric Brown Clouds- from science towards policy

Author(s): Sherestha S. | Iyngararasan M.

Journal: EPJ Web of Conferences
ISSN 2100-014X

Volume: 9;
Start page: 233;
Date: 2010;
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Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABCs) and its interaction with climate change is an emerging environmental issue. Studies demonstrate that ABCs and its interaction with build-up of greenhouse gases significantly affect the regional climate, glacial melting, hydrological cycle, agriculture and public health. For the next decades, the regional aerosol effects will continue to play a major role in environmental management as long as current strong sources of air pollution remain. An integrated multi-pollutant multi-sectoral approach for addressing atmospheric issues will result in optimum environmental and socioeconomic benefits. Regional intergovernmental networks have been established to address air pollution issues in different parts of the globe. These intergovernmental networks could be empowered to promote integrated approach for addressing the atmospheric environmental issues.
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