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Attitudes of2ndStage Primary School PupilsTowards Gamesand Physical Activities Performed in Sport and Physical Education Classes

Author(s): Štefan Adamčák | Pavol Bartík

Journal: European Researcher
ISSN 2219-8229

Volume: 55;
Issue: 7-2;
Start page: 1929;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: attitudes of pupils | motor games | schools physical education and sport.

This study is concerned with implementing games as one of the methods used in sport and physical education classes at the 2ndlevel stage of primary schools(grades 5th– 9th). Results of the study pointed to the fact that pupils are still very interested in playful activities. These activities are applied in the main part of the sport and physical education classes. Pupils themselves are of the opinion that playing games provides them with a better opportunity to make contact with their classmates more than any other activity, which creates positive conditions for making interpersonal relationships within a group or a class
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