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Beta-Lactamase Inhibitory Potential and Antibacterial Potentiation of Certain Medicinal Plants and Extracts against Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producers

Author(s): Shakti Singh Solanki | Selvanayagam M

Journal: Advanced Biotech
ISSN 0973-0109

Volume: 12;
Issue: 07;
Start page: 06;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Beta-lactamase | Chromogenic substrate | ESBL | Klebsiella pneumonia | Potentiation | âLIs.

Beta-lactamase inhibitory potential of fifteen plants was checked by beta-lactamase enzyme inhibition assay wherein inhibition of commercial beta-lactamase by their extracts was determined using a chromogenic substrate. These plant extracts showed considerable beta-lactamase inhibition. All these plant extracts were further checked for their inhibition of Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase in the screening assay. Eight of the plant extracts showed potentiation of cephalosporins against the Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase producing Klebsiella pneumoniae strain and were checked for their beta-lactamase (especially Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase) inhibitory potential against a panel of beta-lactam resistant Gram negative bacterial strains (mainly Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase producers) and few beta-lactam resistant Gram positive bacterial strains. Four of the plants showed substantial potentiation of the beta-lactams against the beta-lactam resistant bacterial strains and seem to have potential as beta-lactamase inhibitors (including against Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase producers). The presence of beta-lactamase inhibitory potential in the studied plant extracts warrants further efforts in regard to purification and isolation of bioactive compounds from their extracts for probable development of new beta-lactamase inhibitors.
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