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Beyond pneumonoconiosis: Recently described occupational interstitial lung diseases

Author(s): Evangelia Nena | Paschalis Steiropoulos | Theodoros C. Constantinidis | Demosthenes Bouros

Journal: Pneumon
ISSN 1105-848X

Volume: 23;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 293;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: occupational interstitial lung disease | work-related pulmonary fibrosis

SUMMARY. Recent technological innovations have resulted in the introduction of new substances in different manufacturing procedures. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge of the adverse effects of some novel substances has led to the development of interstitial lung disease (ILD) among exposed workers. Exposure to diacetyl can cause bronchiolitis obliterans (“popcorn lung”), while exposure to nylon flock, Acramin-FWN, indium-tin oxide, biomass fuels or nanoparticles is associated with ILD. In addition, hypersensitivity pneumonitis can occur after exposure to additives in animal feed. Finally, new applications of substances already known to be hazardous can result in the occurrence of ILD in exposed workers. Pneumon 2010, 23(3):293-300.

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