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Author(s): Vaidya Vasant Patil

Journal: Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine
ISSN 2321-1563

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 13;
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Keywords: Ayurveda | Panchakarma | Shodhana | Bio-Purification Therapy

Shodhana therapy is intended for purification of the body, by which the accumulated morbid humors responsible for disease are expelled out to produce an ideal environment for proper functioning of body. But Panchakarma, the purification therapy expounded in Ayurveda is perhaps the most misunderstood of all the Ayurveda practices. Due to ignorance, it is often perceived as just another system of oil massage. The process of the forceful expulsion of the Dosha is known as Shodhana. It is of five types i.e. Niruha, Vamana, Virecana, Nasya, and Raktamoksha┼ća. Ayurveda advises undergoing Panchakarma at the seasonal changes to clean the body, improve the digestion and metabolism.Panchakarma presents a unique approach of Ayurveda with specially designed five procedures of internal purification of the body through the nearest possible route. Such purification allows the biological system to return to homeostasis and to rejuvenate rapidly & also facilitates the desired pharmaco-therapeutic effects of medicines administered thereafter. Panchakarma has a full therapy role as promotive, preventive and curative procedure. According to ancient Ayurvedic scholars, the elimination of the waste products of the body is termed as Apakarshana, which means Shodhana.
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