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Biometric Relationships of the Eared Horse Mussel Modiolus auriculatus (Krauss, 1848)(Bivalvia: Mytilidae)Collected from Byndoor, Karnataka, India

Author(s): Tenjing Singh. Y | Thippeswamy. S | Krishna. M.P | Narasimhaiah. N | Vineeth Kumar K

Journal: Advanced Biotech
ISSN 0973-0109

Volume: 13;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 05;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Allometry | Bivalve | Mussel | Rocky shore | Byndoor

A study on the allometry of the eared horse mussel Modiolus uriculatus was carried out from a beach called Byndoor beach along the Karnataka coast, south west coast of India. Large individuals (>26 mm) of this species were absent from the intertidal rocky region of Byndoor. The calculated regression equations between breadthlength and width-length for the entire study period were B = 0.6503 + 0.4026 L and W = -0.1014 + 0.4260 Lrespectively. The observed values of breadth and width gainst their respective lengths revealed linear relationships. The monthly b values of breadth-length and width-length relationships ranged from 0.3039 (October 2010) to 0.4593 (July 2010) and 0.3579 (January 2011) to 0.4626 (May 2011) respectively. The data on 2.9260 shell weight-length relationship for the entire period (SW = 0.000058L ) showed a non-linear pattern. The coef´Çücient of allometry (b) values ranged from 2.3022 (October 2010) to 3.1196 (May 2011) for length-shell weight relationship. The maximum and minimum sizes of length were 25.91 (March 2011) and 2.64 mm (May 2011) respectively, whereas the maximum and minimum weights of shell weight were 1.0188 (May 2011) and 0.0008 g (May 2011) respectively
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