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Blocs: una nova narrativa

Author(s): Farias Coelho, Patricia | García Medina, Irene | Martins Costa, Marcos

Journal: Obra Digital
ISSN 2014-5039

Issue: 3;
Start page: 24;
Date: 2012;

Keywords: Blogs | narrative | digital dissemination | Internet.

Internet became in the 20th century the biggest media of information dissemination in the world, and from this digital dissemination, blogs were born. The interest of our research are the new type s of narratives that begin to emerge from blogs. Blogs are very innovative because they give the user interactive tools that permit the creation of content in a dynamic and interactional way and which is different to traditional methods such as printedmaterial. The narrative created by the blogs is different from the traditional narrative because is open and dynamic, which facilitate the uncontrolled introduction and intervention by other people who,a priori, do not belong to the history. Those people, at any time, may alter narrative and the course of it. Therefore, we aim through the tools offered by greimasiana semiotics to reveal the nuances covering this new form of narrative.

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