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Bolesław Orzechowicz (1847-1927), the first president of the Polish Dendrology Society


Journal: Rocznik Polskiego Towarzystwa Dendrologicznego
ISSN 2080-4164

Volume: 58;
Start page: 83;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: dendrology in Poland | Lwów | Kalników

Bolesław Orzechowicz (1847-1927), the first president of the Polish Dendrology Society between 1925 and 1927, was an extraordinarily generous patron of the arts and scientific societies in Lvov. In 1914, just before the outbreak of the World War I, he donated half a million crowns to the Society for the Promotion of Polish Science in Lvov. In 1916, influenced by the most eminent group of friends and scholars in Lvov, those funds were moved to the Scientific Society in Lvov. It was a strictly academic organisation, made up only of scholars. In 1927, he donated Kalników, his family estate (1749 morgs) to the Society as well as countless other investments. Apart from this patronage, he had unique organisational energy and a collection of scientific artifacts and works of art were donated by Orzechowicz to the King Jan III National Museum. His generosity led to him being honoured as the first president of the Polish Dendrology Society. During his short presidency the Society was highly organised with a sound statute. The profile of research and main aims of the Society paved the way for the Society’s activities for many decades to come. The circle of illustrious naturalists within the Society’s board included: Piotr Hoser, Stefan Makowiecki, Stanisław Sokołowski, Władysław Szafer, Szymon Wierdak, Antoni Wróblewski. In this article I have presented in greater detail a biography of B. Orzechowicz, his foundations and activities in support of scientific societies in Lvov.
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