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Book Review of The Great Fossil Enigma: The Search for the Conodont Animal. Simon J. Knell. 2012. Indiana University Press, Bloomington. Pp. 440. $45.00 (cloth), 25 b & w illustrations. ISBN 9780253006042.

Author(s): Eugene N. Anderson

Journal: Ethnobiology Letters
ISSN 2159-8126

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 37;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: conodont | history of science | ethnobiology | life forms

On page 356, Simon Knell admits: “I positioned myself, like an anthropologist, on the edge of this scientific community….” No wonder the book is of interest to ethnobiologists. It is, in fact, something of an ethnobiology, or ethnopaleontology, of the world of conodont studies. Knell is a museum studies specialist, and presents an account of a major mystery solved by paleontologists in field and museum.
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