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borderscapes of Imperial Europe. Space, law and politics at the european periphery Paesaggi di frontiera dell’Europa imperiale. Spazio, leggi e politica nella periferia europea

Author(s): Giuseppe Campesi

Journal: lo Squaderno
ISSN 1973-9141

Volume: 6;
Issue: 22;
Start page: 21;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Transit / Transience | lo Squaderno No. 22

The emergence of the European Union (EU) as transnational political actor is paralleled by a complex redefinition of Member States’ political boundaries along the new common external border. Many argued that the birth of the EU as a proper political actor is primarily exemplified by its external border control policy; others have seen the very creation of the Schengen space with its common external frontier as the political foundations of a new European Citizenship, built upon a new definition of belonging and otherness. The birth of the Schengen area of freedom, security and justice seems to replicate at the regional level the same geo-political dynamic which produced national spaces: a new political and economic trans-national unit is created by drawing a line which at the same time defines the rights of belonging. I believe this point of view is affected by a relevant degree of “methodological nationalism”, which prevents political and social theory from understanding how contem- porary patterns of European spatial government do not drive in the direction of classic State formation.

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