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Brachypotherium cf. brachypus and Lartetotherium sp. (Rhinocerotidae, Perissodactyla, Mammalia) from the Middle Miocene Dúbravka-Pole site (western Slovakia)

Author(s): Júlia Zervanová | Martin Sabol | Natália Hudáčková-Hlavatá | Peter Holec

Journal: Acta Geologica Slovaca
ISSN 1338-0044

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 55;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Brachypotherium | Lartetotherium | Miocene | palaeoenvironment | Dúbravka-Pole | Slovakia

The vertebrate fossil record from the Dúbravka-Pole site in the territory of Devínska Kobyla consists of Brachypotherium cf. brachypus and Lartetotherium sp. dental and osteological remains. The both taxa lived in swampy to forested land at the shore of shallow brackish sea (or lagoon?) during the Early Sarmatian (MN 7/8). Their occurrence is probably a result of intermittent faunal migrations during changing environmental conditions at the end of the Middle Miocene.
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