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CaCu3Ti4O12纳米粉体及其陶瓷的制备和表征 Synthesis and Characterization of CaCu3Ti4O12Nano-powders and Their Ceramics

Author(s): 刘宇 | 景帅帅 | 阎雯青 | 张庆 | 湛海涯 | 崔斌

Journal: Hans Journal of Nanotechnology
ISSN 2161-086X

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: CaCu3Ti4O12,改进草酸盐共沉淀法,巨介电常数 | CaCu3Ti4O12,改进草酸盐共沉淀法,巨介电常数

CaCu3Ti4O12(CCTO)材料因其极高的介电常数和良好的温度稳定性,而具有广阔的应用前景。本文采用改进的草酸盐共沉淀法制备CCTO纳米粉体及其陶瓷,通过FT-IR、TG-DTA、XRD,TEM及SEM对前驱体、预烧粉体及其陶瓷进行表征,并测试陶瓷的介电性能。结果表明,采用改进草酸盐共沉淀制备的前驱体经过850 ?C/2h预烧得到了CCTO纳米粉体,经980 ?C/4h烧结得到了具有高介电常数的致密陶瓷(介电常数24500,介电损耗0.13)。改进后的制备方法降低了反应温度、缩短了反应时间,而且无需有机溶剂或者添加草酸钠沉淀剂;工艺简单,材料性能明显提高,成本大大降低。The CaCu3Ti4O12(CCTO) material has wide application prospects due to its giant dielectric constant and good temperature stability. In this paper, the CCTO nano-powders were synthesized by improved oxalate coprecipitation and their ceramics were also prepared. The precursor, calcined powders and their ceramics were characterized by means of FT-IR、TG-DTA、XRD,TEM and SEM, also the dielectric properties were measured. The results indicated that the CCTO nano-powders were obtained by calcining of precursor at 850?C for 2h, and their ceramics sintered at 980?C for 4h showed high density and dielectric constants(about 245 000), and the dielectric loss is 0.13. The method of the improved oxalate coprecipitation, which did not need organic solvent and sodium oxalate adding as precipitation agent any more, was favor to reduce the reaction temperature and reaction time. The simplified process reduced the cost greatly and the dielectric properties were improved obviously.
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