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CAD Modelling of Active Surfaces IN Design of Dies

Author(s): Miroslav TOMAS | Peter IZOL | Dagmar DRAGANOVSKA | Jozef BENO

Journal: Scientific Bulletin of the ''Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu Mureș
ISSN 1841-9267

Volume: 9 (XXVI);
Issue: 2;
Start page: 44;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: CAD | active surface | forging die | mould cavity mode | merge-cut out

Contribution deals with procedures of CAD creating of active surfaces of dies in bulk forming. In order to design active surfaces, shapes of forging dies have been solid modelled applying their design features as defined mould joint, chamfers and radii. Two methods of CAD modelling of active surfaces are presented as mould cavity mode and assembly mode which is referred to as Merge-Cut Out. Both methods are presented consecutively and their advantages are being compared by ways of cavities’ design and applied model tree, as well.
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