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Author(s): Ľuboš Harangozo | Radovan Stanovič | Július Árvay | Pavol Trebichalský

Journal: Potravinarstvo : Scientific Journal for Food Industry
ISSN 1338-0230

Volume: 6;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 20;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Faba beans | lentils | heavy metals | cadmium | plants

The work is to evaluate the extent of risk transfer of heavy metals from soil burdensome to their different levels of consumption of selected parts of the crop. The goal to be achieved in conditions of simulated vegetation pot experiments. To implement the experiment, we used the agricultural soil of land site Výčapy - Opatovce. The experiments use two types of leguminous plants: Faba beans (Faba vulgaris M.), a variety MERLIN lentil dishes (Lens esculentum) variety NELKA. In one experimental tank was weighed 5 kg of soil mixed with 1 kg of silica sand, and the bottom of the container we put a small drainage layer of gravel. Within each container, we applied the calculated dose of the basic fertilizer, as well as various amounts of soluble salts of cadmium observed. Crops are harvested when fully ripe and the  wet mineralization of plant samples was determined by heavy metals AAS method for device VARIAN 240FS. Significant ratio of cadmium is in the aboveground biomass of the legumes. Lentils take into aboveground biomass much more cadmium than  faba beans. The cadmium content in the first two variants is significantly lower than in the next two in both crops. We may conclude that the faba beans, and lentils to accumulate an increased amount of cadmium in soil in a relatively large amount of seeds. Although it is clear that Faba bean received cadmium content was compared with more lentils. Due to the significant accumulation of Cd by plants lentils and excessive production of the aboveground biomass is potentially usable lens as fytoremediation crop recovery for metalic polluted soils.doi:10.5219/221
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