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基于核壳式量子点CdSe-PDT光漂白规律的实验研究 Experimental Research on the Photobleaching Mechanism of PDT Based QDs-CdSe

Author(s): 王健 | 胡冬香 | 邓解关 | 黄康强 | 熊建文

Journal: Hans Journal of Biomedicine
ISSN 2161-8976

Volume: 02;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 6;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 光动力疗法 | 量子点 | CdSe | 光漂白 | HL60细胞 | Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) | Quantum Dots (QDs) | CdSe | Photobleaching | HL60 cells

近年来随着光动力疗法基础研究的不断深入,光敏剂光漂白及其机制研究日渐成为PDT研究的热点问题。本实验利用化学反应动力学原理对量子点CdSe在胎牛血清(FBS)和HL60细胞悬液的复杂溶液体系中的光漂白速率进行理论推导,得出其光漂白在单一溶液里符合一级动力学过程,在复杂溶液中满足二级反应动力学过程的结果。并通过测定量子点CdSe的紫外可见吸收光谱,利用比尔–朗伯吸收定律得到量子点CdSe的光漂白曲线和光漂白速率,通过拟合比较得出光漂白反应动力学规律,对实验结果进行了理论验证。With the development of the basic research of photodynamic therapy (PDT), photosensitizer photobleaching has become a highly focused area of research within PDT in recent years. In this paper, the photobleaching mechanism of quantum dots in the FBS solution and HL60 cell solutions with oxygen substrate were investigated by the method of theoretical derivation. The results demonstrated that the photobleaching in the single solution was corresponded with the first order kinetics while the photobleaching in the complex solution was corresponded with the second order kinetics. The curve and rate of CdSe photobleaching were obtained by determining the vis absorption spectrum of the CdSe and using of the Beer. Additionally, the photobleaching properties of quantum dot (CdSe) whose theoretical derivation can be confirmed by our experiment were gained.
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