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影响室温核辐射CdZnTe探测器特性的因素 The Factor Effect on the Characteristic of Cdznte Detector

Author(s): 李霞 | 李陇遐 | 禇君浩 | 戴宁 | 张盛东 | 张福甲

Journal: Optoelectronics
ISSN 2164-5450

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 27;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: CZT | 核辐射探测器 | 室温 | 特性 | CZT | Detector | Room Temperature | Characteristic

本文研究了影响室温核辐射CZT像素阵列探测器性能的主要因素,以及提高探测器性能的方法。并报道了一种基于N型Cd0.9Zn0.1Te晶体材料的室温核辐射像素阵列探测器的研制。研究表明,主要应该改进晶体制备工艺,从而提高CZT晶体的质量和改进器件制备工艺,选择合适的金属材料制备欧姆接触的电极,设计特殊的电极结构,设计后端测试电路提高探测器的极限分辨率等方面来改进以达到提高探测器性能的目的。In this paper, we analyze the factor effect on the characteristic of CdZnTe detector, and how to improve the Characterization of CdZnTe detector. Totally we should point on improve quality of CZT crystal and manufacture technology, choose metal to form ohmic contact electrode, assign especial electorode struc- ture and assign test circuit to improve the finite limited resolution.
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