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O cenário global e as implicações para a formação continuada de professores

Author(s): Fernanda Rossi | Dagmar Hunger

Journal: Educação : Teoria e Prática
ISSN 1517-9869

Volume: 23;
Issue: 42;
Start page: 72;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Globalization | Educational Policies | Continuing education of teachers

The continued education of teachers, conceived as a global phenomenon, permeating the educational debates since the years 1990, as consequence, especially the pressures of the workplace and poor school performance of large segments of the population, evidenced by the government systems. Being conceived as a means of transforming the quality of education, integrate virtually every educational reforms. In Brazil, boosted LDB/1996 actions in this area, reflecting this period of discussions. The objective of this article, theoretical, analyzing the relationships between today's global situation and ongoing training of teachers, with the data sources the production of literature and document analysis. International organizations, like the World Bank, have an influence on guidelines for such training, which covered many of their recommendations in official documents such as the emphasis on in-service training and distance education. In the scenario of the new global order and neoliberal ideology, education is commodified and ongoing training, sometimes it is more than a formative project is an economic project, configured as a big deal as, such should, be governed the logic of the market
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