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加油站渗漏污染地质雷达特征及其启示——以贵阳市省府加油站为例 Characteristics of Ground Penetrating Radar in Leakage Contamination of Gasoline Station and Its Implications——Taking Guiyang Shengfu Gas Station as an Example

Author(s): 姜月华 | 周迅 | 袁平 | 赵牧华 | 葛伟亚 | 杨胜元 | 张建江 | 罗炳佳 | 赵国宣 | 周权平

Journal: Advances in Geosciences
ISSN 2163-3967

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 地质雷达;加油站;地下水;渗漏;有机污染br&gt | Ground Penetrating Radar | Gas Station | Groundwater | Soil | Organic Pollution

作者应用地质雷达对贵阳市省府加油站渗漏和污染状况进行了研究,发现地质雷达能够辨别出岩溶地区基岩面附近、基岩裂隙、溶缝、溶洞和断裂中油气污染物的异常,具有与基岩和粘土不同的渗漏污染地质雷达反射特征。根据识别出的污染异常(污染晕或污染羽),圈定了渗漏污染物的污染通道、污染范围和污染深度。通过13口钻孔的验证和地下水水质样品的测试分析,进一步查明了研究区污染物的组分、来源和运移规律,并证实了地质雷达技术作为一种非破坏性地表原位探查技术,能够快捷有效地探测加油站地下储油罐渗漏污染物的分布状况。在此基础上,作者提出了岩溶地区加油站地下储油罐渗漏防治及污染治理建议。The leakage and pollution status of gasoline station were studied by application of ground pe- netrating radar (GPR) in Guiyang Shengfu gas station. It was found that the pollutant anomalies of oil gas can be distinguished by GPR in near bedrock surface, bedrock cracks, resolved crevices, channels and faults of karst areas, and had different reflections of leakage pollution as compared with bedrock and clay. According to pollutant anomalies (contamination plume), contamination paths, depth and scopes of leakage pollutants can be mark with circle. Based on the validation of 13 drilling holes and sample analysis of water quality of groundwater, the authors farther found out the pollutant compositions, source and movement law in studied areas and approved that GPR method can be used as an nondestructive in situ detecting method which can fleetly and efficiently detect the leakage and pollutant distribution of underground oil storage tanks of gas stations. The authors put forward the advices of leakage prevention and cure and contamination father of underground oil storage tanks of gas stations on the basis of research in karst areas.
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