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Characteristics of Leaf of Five Species of Family Fabaceae Found in Sinop, MT

Author(s): M.S. Silva, C. Reis, A. F. P. Pontes-Pires

Journal: Scientific Electronic Archives
ISSN 2316-9281

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 16;
Date: 2012;

Keywords: leaf anatomy | anatomical characterization | Fabaceae

It was evaluated the anatomical characteristics of five species of the family Fabaceae (Inga sp.1, Inga cf. marginata Kunth, Inga cf. Cylindrical (Vell.) Mart, and Abarema sp. Inga sp. 2), Found in Bandeiras square in Sinop, Mato Grosso. The material was prepared according to the usual techniques in plant anatomy, analyzed in optical microscope and documented by digital camera coupled to the equipment. All species present epderme uniseriate, epidermal cells with sinuous walls on both sides, paracytic stomata on the abaxial surface, species Abarema sp., Inga cf. cylindrica, Inga sp. 2, Inga cf. marginata showed simple unicellular and uniseriate trichomes, Inga species and an individual sp.1 Inga cf. marginata showed uniseriate, uni-and multicellular trichomes; midrib vascular bundle with bicolateral, parenchyma fill in the adaxial and abaxial collenchyma. Only Abarema sp. presented papillary cells in abaxial; Inga cf. marginata, and Abarema sp. Inga sp1. showed dorsiventral mesophyll; Inga cf. cylindrica and Inga cf. marginata showed isobilateral mesophyll. In conclusion, could separate anatomically species of Inga species Abarema. It could this way help the taxonomy of the group.
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