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Characterization of Eucalyptus globulus found in Provinces of Pakistan and its applications related to control Environmental Pollution

Author(s): S. Ambreen | S. A. Rashid | M. Aslam | F. S. Rehmani | M. Ibrahim

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Chemistry
ISSN 2220-2625

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Eucalyptus globulus | toxic metal ions | environmental conditions | contamination | health effects

Eucalyptus consist of 500 species growing in all over the world including Pakistan, native to Australia. The reason of selection ofglobules specie is that it has a great medicinal importance, being used as anti diabetic, anti fungal, anti bacterial, antiviral,analgesic and to relief wound. The function of pH, moisture content and metal ions in biological system is so valued that theirimbalance can cause severity. The focus of the present study was to estimate the pH, moisture content and metal ions inEucalyptus globules. To know the concentration of toxic metal ions is very significant as it becomes hazardous if enter inbiological system and exceed the acceptable limit. Metal ions estimated at Atomic absorption spectrometer by using the accuratestandard and sample preparation method. It is experimentally confirmed that moisture content and concentration of Pb, Cu Ni, Cd& Fe is dissimilar in polluted and unpolluted areas of Pakistan.

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