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Chemical constituents and ecotoxicological effects of leaf extracts Eucalyptus urograndis

Author(s): Lucienir Pains Duarte, Rute Cunha Figueiredo, Débora Barbosa da Silva Soares, Marcela Maciel Nogueira | Fabíola Oliveira Lino de Araújo, Arnola Cecília Rietzler

Journal: Exatas Online
ISSN 2178-0471

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 19;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Eucalyptus urograndis | eucalyptin | flavone | phenyl-ethyl ester | ecotoxicological effect.

Artificial forests of Eucalyptus produce large amounts of litterbag that by the action of wind andrainwater are dragged into aquatic environment, with consequent alteration of the aquatic ecosystems.For evaluate the ecotoxicological effect of Eucalyptus urograndis litterbag in the aquatic environment;there were prepared organic extracts (hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and ethanol), besides anaqueous extract. These polar extracts were tested in vitro against Daphnia similis and D. laevis(Anomopoda: Daphiniidae) as the biological indicators while Chironomus xanthus (Diptera:Chironomidae) was used as bio-indicators for the less polar ones. The testing confirmed the presence oftoxic activity in all extracts and indicated the ecotoxicological potential of the E. urograndis leaves inaquatic environments. The test results pointed to the need of new sustainable technologies allow thepreservation of aquatic environments located in the vicinity of Eucalyptus sp. fields. Concomitantly tothe ecotoxicological studies, hexane and chloroform extracts of litterbag leaves were subjected tophytochemical study, leading to the isolation of 5-hydroxy-4’,7-dimethoxy-6,8-dimethylflavone(eucalyptin), 2-(4 ́-hydroxyphenyl)ethyl nonacosanoate and long chain alcohol. These two extracts,along with the aqueous extract were derivatized with BSTFA and then analyzed by GC-MS, allowingto detect 25 organic compounds, mainly fatty acids, long chain hydrocarbons, steroids, carbohydratesand long chain alcohols.

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