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Chemoport anchoring – the in situ technique

Author(s): Krishnamachar Harish | Yagachikatte Chikkanarasaiah Madhu

Journal: Surgical Techniques Development
ISSN 2038-9574

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: e9;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: totally implantable central venous device | subclavian vein | internal jugular vein | flip over | inversion.

Chemoports are subcutaneously placed long term central venous access devices usually inserted under local anaesthesia. Rare complications include port inversion or flip over. These can be prevented by anchoring the port to the tissues at its base. We describe an in situ technique of port anchoring. Here, the port is first ‘fixed’ temporarily to the overlying skin by Huber needle, thus facilitating placement of fixing sutures without port manipulation. The described technique is safe and we have not encountered complications. In addition, ex - planting the port was easier due to the use of delayed absorbable sutures. It is safer to anchor the port even if the port pocket ensures that the port fits in snugly. This described technique results in minimal manipulation of portcatheter system thereby ensuring that the catheter tip which is properly placed remains unaltered.
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