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Chitosan-silver Nanoparticles Composite as Point-of-use Drinking Water Filtration System for Household to Remove Pesticides in Water

Author(s): N. Saifuddin | C.Y. Nian | L.W. Zhan | K.X. Ning

Journal: Asian Journal of Biochemistry
ISSN 1815-9923

Volume: 6;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 142;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Adsorption | cross linked chitosan | atrazine | pesticide | silver nanoparticle

-1). From the batch studies, the adsorbent capacity of the cross-linked chitosan-silver nanoparticle composite micro-beads toward Atrazine was 0.5 mg g-1 of the adsorbent in 65 min. An on-line filter was made using a column of cross-linked chitosan-silver nanoparticle composite micro-beads and the device was used for pesticide removal for extended periods. From the breakthrough curves, the results of breakthrough adsorption capacity and the total adsorption capacity were, respectively 115 and 360 g mL-1 cross-linked chitosan-silver nanoparticles composite micro beads.]]>

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