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Choice of primary care in Sweden A discourse analysis of citizen statements

Author(s): Lars Nordgren | Bengt Ahgren

Journal: Offentlig Förvaltning. Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration
ISSN 2000-8058

Volume: 15;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 25;
Date: 2012;
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Through a discourse analysis of the end-users’ statements on their choice of primary care, there is a focus on how they use certain discourses in society with regard to which discourses governs their choices of primary care. For this purpose, a group interview was administered in a location in the south of Sweden. It was strategically designed to on the whole include individuals with following characteristics: age between 20-45 years, and 65 year or older, and also living in a small community. The following main discourses have been identified in the discussion; freedom of choice; i.e. to say that one has actively chosen one’s health centre or doctor, to be able to reject and re-select care-givers, networking; i.e. ‘to say that friends’ and acquaintances’ experiences affect the choice of a new health centre and professional service, i.e. to say that doctors and other staff should give professional service. It seems like choice of care has improved the possibilities of the citizens to choose preferred care provider, or drop one due to dissatisfaction. When implementing reforms in health care it is valuable to take into account the voices of the users, as they are able to contribute to the development of health care.
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