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Chronology of Bioactive Glass Development and Clinical Applications

Author(s): Larry L. Hench

Journal: New Journal of Glass and Ceramics
ISSN 2161-7554

Volume: 03;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 67;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Bioactive Glass; 45S5 Bioglass; Hydroxyl-Carbonate Apatite (HCA); Bone-Bonding; Osteogenesis; Regeneration; Genes | Dental; ENT; Maxillo-Facial; Orthopedics; Clinical; Osteostimulation

The key research and development steps for bioactive glass (45S5 Bioglass) are documented from the date of discovery in 1969 through FDA approvals of the first dental, ENT, maxillo-facial and orthopedic clinical products. Understanding the mechanisms and quantifying the rapid surface reactions to form a bone-bonding hydroxyl-carbonate apatite (HCA) layer on the bioactive glass in contact with living bone was a vital part of the early development of this class of biomaterials. A key later discovery was enhanced osteogenesis and in situ bone regeneration by controlled release of ionic dissolution products from the bioactive glass particulates that leads to up-regulation and activation of seven families of genes, a process called osteostimulation.
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