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Cinco diferentes tipos de imágenes gammagráficas tiroideas en pacientes con enfermedad de graves tratados con 131I en el Paraguay.

Author(s): Jara Yorg J.A. | Ruiz Pérez V.

Journal: Alasbimn Journal
ISSN 0717-4055

Volume: 9;
Issue: 34;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: Thyroid disease | 131I | hyperthyroidism | thyroid antibodies.

Thyroid disease is frequent in Paraguay, a country with a prevalence of goiter 48,6% in general population located in the center of South America.Grave’s disease constitutes the most common thyroid hyperfunction observed whose treatment can be carried out with medication (propiltiouracil, metimazol, etc.), surgery or iodine 131(131I)We analyzed 70 patients this type of hyperthyroidism treated with the 131I, in its clinical aspect pre and post treatment, ultrasound and nuclear scan findings of the gland thyroid, the hormonal respond Ft4, T3, TSH, thyroid antibodies TPOab, TGab, TRab.Besides the diffuse classic image observed in the thyroid scan and by ultrasonography of the gland, in Grave’s disease, 4 types of images were identified with nodules (multinodular, hot nodule, cold nodule and miliar). The group with diffuse increase in size form was the most numerous (50%) continued by the variety multinodular (30%), Marin-Lenhart’s Sx (hot nodule) 14%, miliary 3%, and cold nodule 3%.Three months after the treatment with the radioiodine was observed the decrease of the size and thyroid volume in 68% of the patients, thyroid uptake with 131I diminished in 75%. All patients had an increase of weight of 20% and 87% of then were feminineThe signs and symptoms were normalized in 88,5% of the patients. The levels of FT4 were normalized in 73, 8%, T3 in 66%, TSH in 47,7%, TPOab in 83%, TGab in 90%, and TRab in 84%.A received a single dose of 131I was used it in 93% of the patient The cost of the 131I in the Clinic Hospital was half of the cost of the surgery, and at private level the fourth part but cheap.
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