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The Cingulate Cortex and Human Memory Processes

Author(s): Stanislav A. Kozlovskiy | Alexsander V. Vartanov | Evgenia Y. Nikonova | Maria M.Pyasik | Boris M. Velichkovsky

Journal: Psychology in Russia : State of Art
ISSN 2074-6857

Volume: 5;
Start page: 231;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: cingulate cortex | cingulate gyrus | magnetic-resonance morphometric analysis | human neuropsychology | memory.

This study presents data from a magnetic-resonance morphometric (MRMM) analysisof the main regions of the cingulate cortex (in both hemispheres) and theirrole in memory processes in a group of healthy, females of older age. The resultsdemonstrate a statistically reliable correlation between overall performance andthe type of errors in different neuropsychological memory tests and the relativesize of these regions. The discovered pattern of correlations can be explained byhypothesizing the reciprocal functional influence of the two major areas of thecingulate cortex – its anterior and posterior dorsal parts – on performance in neuropsychologicalmemory tests.
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