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Civil responsibility in the field of minors. La responsabilidad civil en el ámbito de los menores

Author(s): Francisca Ramón Fernández

Journal: Revista Sobre la Infancia y la Adolescencia
ISSN 2174-7210

Issue: 3;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Responsabilidad civil | menores | daños y perjuicios | padres | tutores | centro escolar

In the present work the center of educational not top education of the art is analyzed on the responsibility by foreign fact or omission, in the cases in which it is necessary to answer. It is a question of the so called indirect responsibility centring on the responsibility of the parents, tutors and persons or titular entities of a Center of educational not top education. The civil responsibility and the minor is approached from a general perspective, then to analyze the civil solidary responsibility of the parents and his regulation, After the Organic Law 5/2000, of January 12, regulatory of the penal responsibility of the minors, to conclude, as final clasp, with the responsibility of the holders of teaching institutions. It has turned out specially interesting to rest on the jurisprudence, so much of the Supreme Court, as the minor jurisprudence called, detailing some concrete cases in which extracontractual has solved the civil responsibility in the area of the minors.En el presente trabajo se analiza el estado del arte sobre la responsabilidad por hecho u omisión ajeno, en los casos en los que se debe responder. Se trata de la llamada responsabilidad indirecta centrándonos en la responsabilidad de los padres, tutores y personas o entidades titulares de un Centro de enseñanza docente no superior.
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