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Clorpromazina, L- c arnitina y c arb onato de litio: evalua cion de efe ctos eritroprotectore s in vitro ante e stré s me c ánico y fotohemól isis uvb

Author(s): Rossana Cortez | Cynthia Case | Ysa Carrera | Marina Cardona | Antonio Eblen-Zajjur

Journal: Salus Online
ISSN 1316-7138

Volume: 8;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 27;
Date: 2004;
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Keywords: Erythro protection | Chlorpromazin e | L-Carnitine | Lithium | Photo hemolysis | Mechanical Stres s | UV B

Th e erythroprotective ef fects of Chlorpromazin e (CPZ), L-Carnitin e (LCN)a n d Lithium Carbo n ate (Li) wh ere tested. Blood samples from guin e a pigs wereuse d (n=15, 6mL;1mL/vial) an d ringer (2 0µl), CPZ (20µl; 0.5mg.mL-1), LC N(2 0µl; 4mg.mL-1) or Li (2 0µl; 0.0 8mg.mL-1) were add e d an d incub ate d by 3 0,6 0 a n d 9 0 min in slow rotatio n, th ereafter b eing agitate d by 10min. Plasmaqu a ntificatio n of fre e h emoglobin (Hb L) was d one by spectro p hotometry at4 1 5 nm after ce ntrifugatio n (2 500rpm, 1 5min). In a n oth er series, bloo d samples were ir radiate d w ith ultraviolet light B (UV B) during 1 0min; ringer or LC N werea d ded fol lowing th e same proced ure des cribed a bove. Under mechanicalstres s, CPZ showe d gre ater values of Hb L th a n ringer; at 3 0min (Ma n nWhitn ey; Z=-3.8; p
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