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Colonization of constructed ponds by crustacean zooplankton: local and regional influences

Author(s): Chantal Audet | Shannon MacPhee | Wendel Keller

Journal: Journal of Limnology
ISSN 1129-5767

Volume: 72;
Issue: 3;
Start page: e43;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: zooplankton | colonisation | ponds | Ramsey lake | local | regional.

We examined monthly changes in crustacean zooplankton community composition during the initial colonisation period of a newly constructed pond (LWL pond), and in the littoral zone of an adjacent lake (Ramsey lake). In addition, four unconnected constructed ponds aged ≥20 years with established zooplankton communities were sampled and compared to the LWL pond. The species richness of both LWL pond and Ramsey lake increased over the ice-free season, although Ramsey lake always had more species. Almost half of all species sampled occurred in both pond and lake. None of the zooplankton communities in the ponds used in the spatial analysis resembled communities of the LWL pond or one another. Taken together, these results indicate a lack of dispersal limitation, which suggests that differing local habitat factors had a strong influence in structuring the zooplankton communities.

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