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Author(s): Halil Erdem ÇOCUK

Journal: Adıyaman University International Journal of Social Science
ISSN 1308-9196

Volume: 11;
Start page: 143;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Child literature | columns | teaching of mother tongue.

In this study, column which cannot be found a place to itself in the child literature and which is a type of informative text of which appropriateness is questioned to child is taken as a question. In most of the books that were scanned, “column” is not mentioned sufficiently, in the books in which “column” is mentioned, it is not studied in detail. Columns take its place under the title of anecdote in the literature. In the theoretical works written about child literature, anecdote part is just defined, and anecdote is mentioned as a type of folk literature.In this study, the concept of the child literature is emphasized, and the distinction between literature and child literature is discussed. Moreover, the contribution of column to the development of child’s physical, mental intellectual, and language development is emphasized by giving the general properties of column type of writing. Later, the question of how much the column type of writing emphasized in the Turkish course books is tried to be answered. At the end of the study, a text of column is written in the context of second level of primary Turkish programmes by taking the themes and outcomes into consideration. In this study, screening model is used.

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