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Author(s): Aparecido Manoel da Silva | Dario Almudi Neto | Dayane Fátima Silva Alves | Edilene Mayumi Murashita Takenaka | Carla Priscila Fernandes | Hugo Henrique Martins Lozzi | Mariana de Paula Pereira | Sonia Sanae Sato

Journal: Colloquium Humanarum
ISSN 1809-8207

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 07;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Trade | Wholesaler | Distributor.

In the latest years, with the increasing business market competitiveness come new opportunities of growing, development and ventures in business and, among them, emphasis to the wholesale self-service. Consider that the selling of a certain product to an intermediate (chandler) that repass to an end consumer is a type of activity characteristic of wholesale, we assure the wholesale trade has expanded the commercial relations and brought improvement of marketing techniques of a global world. The current research had the objective of analyze the operation and the types of wholesaler existent nowadays in Brazil, focusing on the wholesale of self-service, using the deductive method with the data analyzed from indirect documentation in primary and secondary sources. Then, we use an approach qualitative and quantitative with documental study used as result of elaboration and application of questionnaires close to the company being analyzed.
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