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Comparative analysis of modulation and demodulation methods of the control signals of rail line

Author(s): K.V.Goncharov

Journal: Science and Transport Progress
ISSN 2307-3489

Issue: 42;
Start page: 12;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: rail circuit | the control signal of rail line | modulation | noise | demodulation | correlation function | the coherent receiver

Introduction: One of the ways of increasing the noise stability rail circuit is the use more informative waveform of control signal. Use in rail circuit modulated signals gives several informative selective traits in relatively narrow spectrum. The study of features of various modulation and demodulation methods with considering operating conditions of rail circuits is urgent. Purpose: the search for more informative forms of rail line control signal, the search for improved methods of signal processing of control current. Methods: For carrying out researches the method of signals decomposition in Fourier series and the simulation with the method of statistical tests have been sed. Results: Spectrum of frequency shift signal is wider than the spectrum of amplitude shift and phase shift signals by an amount equal to twice the frequency deviation. The research of correlation coherent and incoherent reception methods of rail line control signal has been carried out. In this case, we used the following models of interferences: white Gaussian noise, random pulse sequence and sinusoidal interference. It has been found that the transition from amplitude to frequency shift keying reduces signal/noise ratio by 2...4 dB, depending from the signal level and the type of noise. Losing amplitude shift keying receiver compared with the phase shift keying receiver is 5...6 dB. Conclusions: The use of more advanced methods of modulation and demodulation improves noise stability of rail circuit. When using correlation methods reception phase shift keying provides the best noise stability, and amplitude – the worst.
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