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Comparative study on the microorganisms present in ground meat in supermarkets and local markets in Ecatepec

Author(s): Adriana Galván-Bautista | Adriana Rosales-Garnica | Juan Díaz-Vela

Journal: Nacameh
ISSN 2007-0373

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Ground beef | contamination | markets | supermarkets

Meat is one of the most perishable foods due to that are high in the water and nutrients that promotes the growth of microorganisms. Ground meat tends to have more contamination than fresh meat because of the milling process where the microorganisms that were polluting the inside surface. Five stores were sampled from a supermarket chain and five markets in the municipality of Ecatepec. Ground beef was used for analysis of aerobic plate counts, total coliforms, Staphylococcos, fungi and yeasts. The results show that aerobic mesophilic count is within the limits of the Standard (NOM-092-SSA1-1994), the amount of Staphylococcos exceeds the Standard in the markets but within the limits of the Standard in supermarkets, coliforms and molds and yeasts are present in markets and supermarkets but are not considered in the Standard. We conclude that ground beef is sold in markets and supermarkets in the municipality of Ecatepec has lots of coliforms and Staphylococcos, which are responsible for many toxic infections. It is necessary to update the regulations in force, to be given greater monitoring.
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