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Comparative in vitro Study of Different Antifungal Agents on Selective Pathogenic Fungi

Author(s): Sumangala Rao | Abdul Rasheed | Bhargavi Ch | Prathusha. R

Journal: Advanced Biotech
ISSN 0973-0109

Volume: 13;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 13;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Mycotic infections | Superficial mycoses | Cutaneous mycoses | Opportunistic mycoses | Malassezia | Trichophyton | Antifungal agents.

Higher incidence of mycotic infection especially superficial mycoses, cutaneous mycoses and opportunistic mycoses has enhanced the use of various antifungal agents for faster relief. In the present work, in vitroantifungal activity of different synthetic, herbal shampoos and natural products used in traditional medicine was performed on clinical isolates of fungi like Malassezia sps, Trichophytonsps and Aspergillus sps. When compared the effects of test compounds on seven different organisms used, synthetic shampoos showed excellent inhibitory activity on all of them. Of the fungi used, Trichophyton was most inhibited by all test compounds and shown to be highly sensitive to them. Malasseziais moderately inhibited with two species more sensitive than the other. Aspergillusis least inhibited. Though commercial synthetic and herbal shampoos used were potent inhibitors of all the fungi tested, natural and herbal preparations were equally good either when used alone or in specific combinations which support
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