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Comparison of Cretaceous granitoids of the Chaun tectonic zone to those of the Taigonos Peninsula, NE Asia: rock chemistry, composition of rock forming minerals, and conditions of formation

Author(s): P. L. Tikhomirov | M. V. Luchitskaya | I. R. Kravchenko-Berezhnoy

Journal: Stephan Mueller Special Publication Series
ISSN 1868-4556

Volume: 4;
Start page: 289;
Date: 2009;
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The Cretaceous granitoid complexes of the Eastern Taigonos and the Prybrezhny Taigonos belts (southern part of the Taigonos Peninsula), Tanyurer pluton of the Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt, and the Peekiney, Moltykan, and Telekay plutons of the Chaun tectonic zone are discussed in relation to their structural position, petrography, rock and mineral chemistry and physicochemical conditions of melt crystallization. These granitoid plutons were generated through melting of a compositionally heterogeneous crustal source, with direct contribution from mafic melts produced in the mantle wedge above active or extinct Benioff zones. Variations of the trace-element composition of granitoids are controlled to a greater extent by local compositional peculiarities of the source regions than by the geodynamic regime as such. The final crystallization of these plutons occurred at comparatively shallow depths, between 1–2 and 6–7 km, in a temperature interval of 700–770°C. The depth of emplacement of the bodies decreases with increasing distance from the areas with oceanic and transitional type crust, as does the degree of incompatible element enrichment of the mantle and crustal sources of melts. Variations in fo2 values at the late stages of crystallization of the plutons reach 3–4 orders of magnitude, exceeding the limits of the quartz-fayalite-magnetite (QFM) and nickel-nickel oxide (NNO) buffer equilibria, which likely results from local variations of the source composition.

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