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Consciousness and the Alleged Failure of Analytic Philolosophy

Author(s): Majid Amini

Journal: Philosophical Frontiers : A Journal of Emerging Thought
ISSN 1758-1532

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Consciousness | Livingstone | Analytical Philosophy

In any explanatory enterprise, when an explenandum becomes recalcitrant to explanation, the problem may lie in the unsuitability of the explanatory paradigm applied to the phenomenon in question. In Philosophical History and the Problem of Consciousness, this is what Paul Livingston suspects about the failure of analytic philosophers in their grappling with the problem of consciousness. He attempts to diagnose the cause of this failure by tracing over the historical development of the various analytic treatments of consciousness and to show how the very explanatory framework used by analytic philosophers of mind has contributed to this elusion and eclipse of the core of consciousness. Livingston’s diagnostic approach has the unmistakable implication that there can be, if not already existent, explanatory matrices that not only eschew the debacles of analytic philosophers of mind but also shed light on the dark corners of consciousness. This essay is, therefore, organised around the twofold examination of Livingston’s diagnosis and prognosis of the failure of analytic philosophy vis-àvis the conundrum of consciousness.
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