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Considerazioni sull'unità stilistica sul titolo primo del Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Author(s): Serena Carlini

Journal: Studi Linguistici e Filologici Online
ISSN 1724-5230

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 33;
Date: 2006;
Original page

This paper gives a definition of stylistic pattern of normative texts and through a linguistic analysis verifies in what way is possible talking about style for a normative specialized text, in the present case for the first title of the Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Die Grundrechte. According to U. Fix - H. Poethe - G. Yos (2002) the style of a text is to be associated with the text typology as it comes up in case of deviation of a linguistic element from a pattern or from a convention, and furthermore that the stylistic unity of a text results from the cooperation of each single stylistic device for the global textual function. Starting from the results of the linguistic analysis, the work wants to demonstrate that the style of a text is actually connected with the stylistic information transmitted by each linguistic device used in the text and not only with that distinguishing features characterizing the peculiarities of the text. Thus elements that deviate from the pattern also contribute to achieving the global text function, in this case a normative function. Therefore stylistic unity and style of a text are not conflicting and discordant phenomena but expressions of a common feature of legal texts: its normative nature.
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