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The content developed in chemistry class in Basic Education: how to students in training they appropriate this knowledge

Author(s): Ana Luiza de Quadros, Dayse carvalho da Silva

Journal: Exatas Online
ISSN 2178-0471

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 33;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Distance training | school subject content | chemistry teachers training.

Teachers’attitude in class shows more of the knowledge they have acquired through experience asstudents themselves than what is suggested by contemporary learning theories. With that in mind, wedecided to investigate the students of the distance course of Didática do Ensino de Química I (Didacticsof Chemistry Teaching I) from the Chemistry teaching course of UFMG (Minas Gerais FederalUniversity). We observed how the students deal with teaching theories. The focus was on the discussionabout the knowledge required in basic education and how the new teachers apply the theories they havestudied to teach the appropriate chemistry curricular content. The reflection on what content ofchemistry to be taught in school on the discipline investigated did not provide meaningful results interms of numbers. However, the quality of those results is meaningful. This first approach to thediscussion on what is relevant content for basic studies shows that teachers will easily accept a trendytheory but their attitude will still be based on what we call ‘continuism’. Once this reality isacknowledged new approaches to the development of school syllabuses can come up. This way, theknowledge present in the discipline of chemistry in basic education will be taken into consideration forfurther improvements.

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