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Contrastive Remarks on Aspect in English and Romanian

Author(s): Constantin MANEA

Journal: Studii de Gramatica Contrastiva
ISSN 1584-143X

Issue: 14;
Start page: 91;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Aspect | Tense | perfective | imperfective | progressive | continuous | grammatical lexical | English | Romanian | contrastive

Aspect is a rather knotty issue. It is rarely dealt with and minutely defined in most Romance languages, including Romanian. On the other hand, it is, in a number of ways, highly specific to the English language. In both English and Romanian there is a profound, though not always obvious, interrelation of Aspect and Tense. The overall picture of this grammatical category is complicated and often sprinkled with tricky, elusive particular issues. In Romanian, Aspect is mainly marked from a lexical angle, which contributes to rendering the category itself irrelevant to Romanian students. The didactic tinge of the present paper is meant to raise awareness as to the intrinsic difficulties of the category of Aspect in both English and Romanian, thus enabling both educationalists and students to better cope with this real challenge of Indo-European grammar.
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